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Person if it is not a a domestic corporation, b a “U. 1, original emphasis Note that metanarrative must not be confused with Lyotard’s grand récit, sometimes translated as “metanarrative,” or with “metanarrative comments”; cf. This publication is provided for your convenience and does not constitute legal advice. If you pick the right hosting provider, however, it should be as easy to create a website with WordPress. Feb 12 Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin is found guilty on corruption charges and sentenced to ten years in prison. Unfortunately, on the basis of information gained via co operation with a number of Azerbaijani non governmental organisations, it is clear that this issue has not been addressed since our last report. Similarly, Todorov 1972: 379 proposes enchâssement order: 1 2 1, enchaînement order: 1 2, and entrelacement or alternance order: 1 2 1 2. It elaborates statements relating to the above and submits these statements to Parliament or the relevant state parliament. A CFC with unutilised losses quarantined into the four classes of notional assessable income for an earlier statutory accounting period must convert those losses at the commencement of the statutory accounting period starting on or after 1 July 2008. Image 5 below typifies what some people experienced between 6 and 7 July 2012. “Valentine’s day is coming, even kitties can be passionate. Start by deciding whether you want a post or page to serve as the homepage or any page of your website. We are excited to announce our Mother’s Day 3 course meal to go: Kulmer’s salmon trout meets Reicher’s aspargus. Com free and payrollphilanthropy.org gain large followers before migrating to paid. On top of all the technical things that WordPress can do, the community that surrounds the software is tight knight and welcoming. This is why we give all artists the full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience throughout their works. Save 50% on WPX Hosting using our exclusive coupon code. “My plant that keeps me company everyday on by desk in the studio and from time to time gives me inspiration. © 1998 Springer Science+Business Media New York. Latest Updates: News Daily Weekend All Time International Showdowns. However, where WordPress shines is if you have a very large amount of information on your website. Moreover, many hosting providers provide additional security features that help protect your WordPress site. And enjoy your Easter holidays with some good chocolate. Based membership organization works with 130 charities. Because we are interested in the effects of atmospheric lifetimes on the range of bank outcomes, we implement the BPE algorithm separately for various assumed lifetimes. Previous work on evaluating banks focused on two primary methods, commonly referred to as top down and bottom up. A company is a CFC from 31 December 1990. Org plays out in practice. This is very much a work in progress. On the one hand, you can think of Morning Star as a socially dense marketplace.

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The sharpest decline was in 2017, when the number of participating groups dropped by more than half. Public Transport to “Heuriger Feuerwehr Wagner”. Scroll down and under Options and Settings, you will see an area titled Popular Apps. Payroll Giving is a great way to make it quick and easy for your employees to engage in the essential work of the Children’s Health Foundation. Exercise of the delegation. Please consider making a contribution to Vox today. Find your next job — or your next hire. Science 353, 269–274 2016. As I mention at the start, I think this is down to the community not being clear about which version of WordPress we’re talking about, and this confuses new users. And smear infections via door handles are also perceived as being less of a risk: Only 32 percent think that an infection via this route is likely in the last survey, it was 39 percent. Org allows you to monetize your site in any way that you want, with no restrictions whatsoever.

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Product complying with the definition set out in Article 34. On design systems, UX, web performance and CSS/JS. He was not working for any United Way organization when Mr. What are the problems you want to solve for your colleagues. You may delete and block all cookies from this site but some elements may not work correctly. Since the discussion about each unit can consume the better part of a day, the process extends over several weeks. Org, you’re free to start with the basic hosting plan and only upgrade it when your site grows and needs more resources. You’ve got to reach pretty far back in history to find the last time Ukraine was independent, before 1991. However, there was not agreement at this stage on the part of all participants about the desirability of melding the separate identities of the fundraising organizations by consolidation into a single campaign. Your company’s personnel or human resources office can provide the information needed to obtain a matching corporate gift. Concerns were raised regarding the ability to cut standing trees within the rules in regulation approach and the potential for an overall increase in harvest as a result of the new approach. The ombudspersons are sworn in by the Federal President. The demarcation of the geographical area concerned;. Apr 28 Craig Ferguson announces he will leave “The Late Late Show” at the end of 2014. The limit was raised to 100% of AGI for 2021, temporarily lifting the typical 60% limitation. Loera faces several organized crime and drug related charges. Thank you for your suggestion. Org is still built with usability in mind and is reasonably beginner friendly. Since November 2012, the Syria Dashboard is being updated on monthly basis with contributions from respective sectors. The retention of section 956 despite the enactment of section 245A provided taxpayers with optionality in certain situations. Under the Proposed Regulations, a 10% or greater corporate U. 1st Regular Session 18 June 2006 to 30 June 2006. Employees respond rapidly, coming together in teams to tackle challenges and to experiment with new ideas. Because of the connection of narrative levels with framing in narrative, it is a natural step to inquire into the relevance of frames in other disciplines to this narratological category e. The requirement that a CFC make an election will also be satisfied where an agent makes the election for or on behalf of the CFC, provided that the person is authorised by the CFC to do so: for example, the Australian parent of the CFC or the CFC’s tax agent in Australia, if authorised, could make the election. 20: Riot police and protesters clash as the demonstrators attempt to reclaim portions of Independence Square, a central plaza in Kiev, the Ukraine capital that police had taken over two days before. The NonProfit Times has reported that the Combined Federal Campaign, often abbreviated as CFC, announced in March a total of almost $83. Submit Suggestion Close. Combined Federal Campaign. These are a few real world examples of scenarios when WordPress makes sense.

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Corporate shareholder was a taxable event even though an actual dividend of the same amount would not be taxable under new Section 245A. SPORT FISHING AND ANGLING Seasons, Sizes and Creel Limits Lake Erie Basin, Erie County. Formats for documents available for reuse. One nice thing about SiteGround is that they have a range of plans that can grow with your project. OPM reissued the 1984 regulations and administered the 1986 and 1987 CFC under these interim rules. Get citations as an Endnote file: Endnote. Crucially, Crimea spent a very long time before 1991 as part of the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire, and most of its citizens are Russians themselves. One of the recommendations of the EFSA Scientific Opinion relates to controls carried out in the third countries exporting birds, other than poultry, to the Union. Premier Payroll Solutions is the Payroll Processing company you can trust. And to get ready for our return to campus in August, we have new guides and resources, new faces, and a new expanded schedule ready to unveil. To celebrate 20+ years of Defected, Simon Dunmore has carefully selected 25 party and album release posters originally created to mark key events in our rich history. You don’t o need to worry about backups, updates, and other daunting technical stuff—all of that is handled by WordPress. Ask everyone who works for you to annotate the list. Official websites use. Agramunt then directly challenged Straesser’s findings, arguing that. This Critical Patch Update contains 14 new security fixes for Oracle MySQL. Smashing is proudly running on Netlify. Criteria has been developed for Class A wild trout fisheries that are species specific. Per the Department, leveraged buyouts conducted by private equity firms have resulted in sales of real estate assets, reduced staffing and, in some cases, facility closures. For instance, Hostinger offers 24/7 support via email and live chat, ready to lend a helping hand whenever you need them. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest news. These rules will remain open for public comment until 8/3/20. You might even think this task is impossible for anyone but a developer or a person with a background in web design. 1, but also due to larger relative uncertainties in modeled and observationally derived emissions for CFC 113 i. While this is true for the photon, we know that the W and Z have mass, nearly 100 times that of a proton. The Commission may, on its own initiative or at the duly substantiated request of a Member State, of a third country or of a natural or legal person having a legitimate interest, decide, by means of implementing acts, to cancel the protection of a geographical indication if compliance with the corresponding product specification is no longer ensured.

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That same little device delivers a library of music, movies, and books at the touch of a button in a smaller device than an old AM FM transistor radio. Product code: DEFM1433 12. Patches released through the Critical Patch Update program are provided only for product versions that are covered under the Premier Support or Extended Support phases of the Lifetime Support Policy. 3 The Federal Government shall, after completion of the academic research projects, inform the German Bundestag of the experience gathered and the findings arrived at. In service to tamil people all around the world, we bring you the tamil daily calendar sheets for your auspicious events reference. It was not shocking when, in February, some Crimeans held pro Russia rallies. Select the custom domain you want to make your primary domain. Sections 1 and 2 asked the following questions. The regulatory amendments allow for the continued use of forest resources by persons who are harvesting for personal use pursuant to a right protected by Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. Where the general partner consent requirements are limited to an actual transfer on enforcement, one can assess and price in the risk that one or more general partners may refuse consent to a proposed foreclosure transferee. In contrast, you cannot use plugins with WordPress. A defaulted NAV with respect to which the fund sponsor does not make every effort to resolve quickly, however, will raise questions from both potential fund lenders as well as, most importantly, potential fund investors as to whether that fund sponsor is one that should be included in the next allocation of investible capital. The portal may also cache data from the contributing sources in order to improve performance or provide additional functionalities. Com, notably, offers support, which means that if you get stuck, you have someone to email or, depending on how much you’re paying, call. The USPSTF found at least fair evidence that is ineffective or that harms outweigh benefits. Chithirai thiruvizha celebrated in this month. Wachusett Community College. To which colours may have been added;. Not being upsold to use whatever plugins or themes you want even if you’ve purchased them alone is worth using. We know the difference between the two WordPress platforms may be confusing, so we’ll unpack all the differences for you.

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On March 19, 2022, the Pennsylvania Department of Health the Department published the third set of proposed regulations in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. It’s hard to directly compare this to the cost of running a self hosted WordPress instance—because the cost there depends on your web host—but basically, you’re paying more for a service that’s easier to use. August 2012 Calendar as Microsoft Excel XLSX. It’s an official WordPress partner and it scored highly in our hosting research for categories including server uptime and customer support. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Once the TUE Committee has issued its report, DOER will review said report and submit its final regulations to the TUE Chairpersons. A homonymous name which misleads the consumer into believing that products come from another territory shall not be registered even if the name is accurate as far as the actual territory, region or place of origin of the products in question is concerned. Some managed to escape within hours of their kidnapping, mostly by jumping off the lorries and running off into the bushes. Answers to questions on notice. Homepage photo credit: Maria Lagarde. Initially developed for blogs, WordPress has expanded its use to business websites, e commerce stores, wallets, membership sites, and beyond.

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Org site even if your domain ends in. If you want to take it to the next level and learn how to customize your WordPress website, here are some resources you will find helpful. The limited partnership agreement or other governing document of the aggregator entity contains a waterfall such that any cash proceeds of the portfolio investments must first be paid to the preferred interest holder that is, the NAV borrower to the extent any amounts are owed under the NAV facility before any amounts can be distributed to the fund sponsor. Options or rights over category 1, 2 or 3 assets. Select the option that best defines your role and interest. Here is how the process works. All individual email addresses on Tau Beta Pi websites are exclusively for use in the conduct of Tau Beta Pi related business. A notional allowable deduction is available for the dividends, to the extent a notional allowable deduction would have been available if the dividends had been an interest outgoing. Supplied: Rolled and in a card poster tube. Proposed Rule PDF 47 pp, 573 K, published March 21, 2019. A drawback to using WordPress is the upfront investment in money and time that other drag and drop website builders, like Wix, don’t have. The apartment consists of two bedrooms, two and a half bath. Drag and drop any widget or section onto your canvas – zero coding required. On March 12, 2019, EPA proposed regulatory changes to allow gasoline blended with up to 15 percent ethanol E15 to take advantage of the 1 psi Reid Vapor Pressure RVP waiver that currently applies to E10 during the summer months.

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We do not have ways to increase PHP limits or make changes to core WordPress files. “Clouds form and then go away because atmospheric conditions, temperatures, and humidity cause molecules of water to either condense or vaporize,” he says. In his reply Genette reaffirms the “inclusionary” approach as opposed to the metalinguistic conception, maintaining that a metanarrative occurs “within” the narrative, that it is not a narrative “on” narrative 1988: 91–2. The production and release to the atmosphere of CCl3F and CCl2F2 chlorofluorocarbons CFC 11 and CFC 12. It considers how personal electronic devices especially laptops can impact learning in. How does “Save this User ID” work. This legal regulation determines the complaint handling area of each member and stipulates which administrative sectors will be within each member’s remit. Structure your website in a way that makes sense for your business, visitors, and buyer personas. 3 million in 2016 to $101. Not finding what you’re looking for. For purposes of comparison, we therefore adopt the values from WMO200314 of atmospheric lifetimes of 45 yrs, 100 yrs, and 85 yrs for CFC 11, CFC 12, and CFC 113, respectively. We use cookies to provide you with a great experience and to help our website run effectively. 6 percent for those earning more than $400,000. Liebensdorf 338, 8081 Heiligenkreuz am Waasen. You can also search for this author in PubMed Google Scholar. Org software isn’t as straightforward. The topography plays an important role in the activity of the quasi steady mesolow and LLJ.

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For paid pre made themes, you will need to install your theme through FTP which I’ll explain shortly, or through WordPress’s theme upload function. Any part of such content;. Russia had recently supplied the rebels with a sophisticated, long range surface to air missile system known as Buk or SA 11. He is broadly correct, although Russia is clearly still strong enough to annex neighboring territory. It’s more or less a black box, but there haven’t been any serious breaches or break ins reported yet. This website will be of interest to anyone interested in workplace giving. April 2014 Calendar as Microsoft Excel XLSX. The cold front at the leading edge of this airmass stalled along the Gulf Coast states and northern Florida that evening. For each type of equipment, Ashford and colleagues9 construct estimates of loss rates over time by type of product for each molecule. A self hosted website gives you all the freedom to tinker with different SEO tools that can optimize your images, titles, meta description, site maps, and internal links. There are tons of really well made and well managed free plugins, and we’ll show you some of them in second.

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Thus, even if the DRD is only available to partially offset a deemed dividend in a particular year, it would reduce the amount subject to tax in a later year. This will also ensure an outlet for basic agricultural products. Content management and layout design management are two areas where I feel WordPress is not the easiest to use – especially if you aren’t familiar with coding. The proposed new approach would streamline the approval process for personal use harvest by allowing some activities without an authorization, while maintaining NDMNRF oversight for all other personal use harvest activities. A second issue that must be considered is to what extent a pledge of the equity of an investment holding company or the NAV borrower will conflict with transfer restrictions further down the corporate chain. If you were using a drag and drop website builder, you would need to go into every single review post and manually move the featured image below the post summary. The fundamentalist Islamist sect views public education as blasphemous. The rulemaking lists factors to be considered in determining whether a joint employment relationship exists between or among other entities that are associated with a person’s main employer. Com in the next section. However, gaining assistance via the 24/7 live chat support will require upgrading to WordPress. This is a remarkable conclusion after a striking debate that is likely to be remembered for many years, and certain to stand as a reminder of just how successfully Azerbaijan has been able to capture and manipulate PACE. Science, 294, 581–584, doi:10. Many, including this writer, warned that proposed changes would harm the program. The FATF continues to urge jurisdictions to protect against correspondent relationships being used to bypass or evade counter measures and risk mitigation practices and to take into account ML/FT risks when considering requests by Iranian financial institutions to open branches and subsidiaries in their jurisdiction. From formats and compression to delivery and maintenance: everything in one single 528 pages book. SALES DENOMINATIONS AND DESCRIPTIONS OF AROMATISED WINE BASED DRINKS. ‘Open licence’ means a licence where reuse of documents is permitted for all specified uses in a unilateral declaration by the rightholder;. Using WordPress plugins means you can really push the limits of what sort of website you want to create. Consult the following for links to the Cabinet Directive on Regulation and supporting policies and guidance, and for information on government wide regulatory initiatives implemented by departments and agencies across the Government of Canada. The choice to use any of these methods must be made by the time you lodge your income tax return. Geographical indications pertaining to products of third countries that are protected in the Union pursuant to an international agreement to which the Union is a contracting party may be entered in the register referred to in the first paragraph as geographical indications protected under this Regulation. 51% of children who had hearing loss at their first service showed improvement at their last service. Five years after the Maidan Revolution drove out an authoritarian president, Ukraine has made significant progress on domestic reform and agreed on the goal of becoming a normal European state. The graphic within each topic will help you follow the change through the regulatory process. On the other hand, with a drag and drop website builder, you just don’t have the ability to drill down into your individual content pieces. Chithirai first date is tamil new year.

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There’s even a free version, meaning you wouldn’t have to pay to get started. HM Revenue and Customs set a limit on how much you can receive tax free. The Commission, when preparing and drawing up delegated acts, should ensure a simultaneous, timely and appropriate transmission of relevant documents to the European Parliament and to the Council. Glad to hear you’re happy using WordPress. For this reason, the Digital Agenda for Europe 1 singled out the reuse of public sector information as one of the key areas for action. With full freedom and ownership of your site, design, and content, there is really no reason not to give it a shot. It has been noted by Seager 1991: chap. The test time may occur during the accounting period of a CFC. Self management doesn’t suit everyone. The other journalist whose work you should read in its entirety is the New Republic’s Julia Ioffe, for example this piece on how the world willfully misinterpreted Kiev’s protests and this on how Putin is playing Russia’s long running identity crisis to his advantage. Knowledge about the law governing mediation and the role of the law in mediation, and.

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What are your thoughts on WordPress. Our hope is that you found this article helpful in understanding the differences between WordPress. Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS +10 review and the extension of the mandate of the Internet Governance Forum IGF. Alexandra Folwarski2021 03 05T11:02:10+01:005. “I’m a big believer in putting your best effort into any and all of your work. Annual pension: 7 / 80ths x £28,000 = £2,450. “It was once a matter of pride to see how federal workers embraced charitable giving as an expression of the values America still believes in, and it can be again. Org, you can pretty much do whatever you choose with the WordPress software. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What would have happened to the ozone layer if chlorofluorocarbons CFCs had not been regulated. While the United Way campaigns solicited pledges as well as one time cash contributions, all contributions were paid directly by the employee to the voluntary agency. In general, a CFC is defined as a foreign company that is either directly or indirectly controlled by a resident taxpayer. Written comments on the RPS Class I and RPS Class II Frequency of Compliance were accepted until 5 PM on December 4, 2019. In top down analyses, bank magnitudes are obtained by the cumulative difference between global production generally estimated from reported production values compiled by the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP and emissions, estimated from observed mole fractions and an estimate of atmospheric destruction a lifetime. Whereupon that man, so straightforward and accustomed to testing everything personally, knelt before Jesus with the words: “My Lord and my God. Since 1979 Vienna is one of the “United Nations capitals” with about 4000 people from all over the world working for the Vienna based International Organizations such as IAEA, UNIDO or UNODC. 8 million pledged during the 2019 CFC. You must keep written evidence of the choice for as long as you are required to keep your tax records. Like the CFC, many United Way campaigns have been declining steadily for the past few years. But after the economy slowed and some Russians protested his sham reelection in 2012, Putin shifted strategies, focusing on stirring up old school anti Western paranoia and imperial style Russian nationalism. The clash ends a truce that began just hours before, a truce formed after at least 26 people were killed in clashes earlier in the week. It is interesting that the observationally derived emissions for both CFC 11 and CFC 12 lie at the lower edge of the Bayesian estimates from the mid 1990s to mid 2000s. You can go to WordPress. 25th Regular Session 03 March 2014 to 28 March 2014. The third set of proposed regulatory revisions focuses on standards related to facility licensure and ownership, as well as prevention and preparedness for disease and disaster. Org that lets you create any website you can think of – including membership, forum, ecommerce, business websites and more.


A CFC can make an election to change its statutory accounting period only if the accounting period is. Using current estimates of lifetimes, polar EESC returns to pre 1980 levels in 2080 scenario 1, 2074 scenario 2, and 2067 scenario 3. Operators should be aware that other restrictions may apply zoning, site alteration bylaws, partial site surrender. Vaigasi Second month on tamil calendar. Here we provide a probabilistic estimate of bank size by making use of Eq. Check the template documentation for any changes you might have to make. Figures A and B show one of the proglottids. Department of Health and Human Services and fifteen other Federal Departments and Agencies have announced proposed revisions to the regulations for protection of human subjects in research. Olga Anikeeva, Rachel Katterl, Petra Bywood. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. But only as long as you’re not afraid of putting in the time and money to get it up and running the way you want it to. View online or print in PDF format. From the sound of it, you would want to reach out to WordPress. A February 2018 article in Forbes reported that many companies are dedicating corporate resources time and money to support their employees’ charitable giving and volunteer activities. In applying the Act to work out a CFC’s hypothetical taxable income, you will need to read the Act as if certain modifications dealt with later in this chapter have been made to it.

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Distillate of agricultural origin, as defined in Annex I, point 2, to Regulation EC No 110/2008;. Guggenheim Museum’s “Picasso Black and White. Org hosting, the cost is generally lower and you can run more sites than just one on that hosting service. CFCs have declined slightly over this time, however, the contributions from CFC reductions can also be viewed as being offset to some extent by increases in EESC from the HCFCs that have replaced them. Sponsored link; 18+ only. Documents shall be made available in any existing format or language version, in machine readable format where possible and appropriate. If you invest in premium managed WordPress hosting, you can have the best of both worlds: the customization that WordPress. Cooperation with ESMA. At Morning Star the goal is to provide staffers with all the information they need to monitor their work and make wise decisions. Production from the former Soviet Union was not included in AFEAS and increases these values in earlier years by as much as about 20%25. Which may contain solid particles of citrus fruit pulp or peel and its colour must come exclusively from the raw materials used. Over the past 20 years, Morning Star’s volumes, revenues, and profits have grown at a double digit clip, claims Rufer.


Since the discussion about each unit can consume the better part of a day, the process extends over several weeks. This process of multiplication is continued where there are further entities in the chain. The Albertina Museum, Vienna on permanent loan from an Austrian private collection. Hagel’s nomination is met with opposition. Cliff Rosendahl, Alan Cameron, Ian McColl, David Wilkinson. A public booklet of the regulations is published and distributed statewide. “Executive participation has been the most important factor driving culture change,” a senior development executive told us. Our Financial Stability reports uses up to 10 years of financial ratios to determine the health of a company’s EPS, Dividends, Book Value, Return on Equity, Current Ratio and Debt to Equity. Com users can pay to have their custom domain configured, or you can get this service for free by upgrading. Public Notices • Regulations • StatutesPress Releases • Contact • Accessibility. Call our Online Support team on 0800 056 4607. 63, besting the record he set in 2008 Olympics. These eastern regions have lots of important natural resources, such as coal.

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That’s important when the university seeks funding from foundations and corporations. The organisational chart only in German of the AOB provides an overview of the areas of responsibility and the contact details. Notwithstanding other legal provisions regarding the duty of confidentiality, this duty shall not apply where. While the Museum of Modern Art in New York mounts its second full retrospective of the maestro’s motion pictures, Patrick Rumble wades through the many legacies of Pasolini, from his early poetry to his current significance as a martyr figure for antiglobal, anti neoliberal movements. Again, there are plenty of plugins such as WP Defender to help you with security. Com, you won’t be able to use any plugins if you’re on the following plans. Ad free experience and much more. Org both have pros and cons. The flexibility of WordPress lets you turn your content, images, video and more into a functional website. Although broad humanitarian needs in Syria have been identified, there is a need for more disaggregated data and to have an overview of needs and vulnerability nationwide, in particular to monitor the evolving severity of the humanitarian crisis. Lenders may also suggest amending existing debt facilities in a manner that would enable them to take advantage of the new rules. The Guide is available in the following languages. Disclosure of the content of the agreement reached in the mediation process is necessary in order to implement or enforce that agreement,. How to browse comments that have been submitted regarding the NPRM. I hope you like the end result. The good news is creating your own website doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Com Pro plan upgrade. Please Do NOT use keywords in the name field. Org website also has a theme library, where you can sort plugins by featured, popular, and favorites. “Only a month of winter left. We have created a step by step guide on how to move your blog from WordPress. Com simply cannot be monetized. You have to purchase and set up your own domain name, upload and install plugins and a theme, edit your website’s code, and manage your website’s security. Section 2 describes the precipitation distribution and observational analysis. By using our site you consent to our Privacy Policy. Monetary policy that avoids financial stability risks; financial rebalancing in emerging market economies amid tighter external financial conditions and higher corporate debt levels; further progress in the euro area’s transition from fragmentation to robust integration; and the successful implementation of Abenomics in Japan to deliver sustained growth and stable inflation. Org software itself is 100% free. Back in December of 2020, the FSRA announced it would be seeking input from insurance industry stakeholders and consumers on a new proposal for a rule with respect to unfair and deceptive practices. For step by step instructions, you can checkout our free guide on how to make a website. Nice write up,So its clear.